We specialise in litigation processes, and as such we have an in-depth knowledge of the Rules of Court and the Processes Applicable to such and we can therefore assist in any of the following situations:

  • Commercial Disputes - such as contractual contraventions and enforcements collection of book debts and delivery of goods;
  • Property Disputes - such as enforcement of accepted Offer to Purchase’s, disputes with neighbours, Lease Agreement Disputes
  • Arbitrations – resulting from commercial disputes or business relationships that went sour. Many form of Agreements make provision for either Arbitration as a compulsory route to endeavor on, prior to Court Proceedings, alternatively same make provision for Arbitration as an Alternative. More information can be find under such tab at our services (MOONTLIK TAB hier insit na ARBITRATIONS)
  • Claims for damages - resulting either from delict or slander, animal actions as well business damages suffered as a result of unlawful actions;
  • Unlawful arrest claims – resulting from arrests that had taken place unlawfully;

The firm has practiced in each of the following courts:

  • The Constitutional Court, situated in Braamfontein
  • The Supreme Court of Appeal, situated in Bloemfontein
  • Various different High Courts, situated across the Republic
  • Various different Regional and Magistrate Court’s situated across the Republic

In relation to High Court Litigation the firm has mastered the Court Online as well as CaseLines system, which is the electronic forum in terms of which the High Court of Pretoria as well as Johannesburg functions these days.


Legal Practitioners are not truth sayers and can unfortunately not predict how long a matter my take until same reaches finality. Good and Relative Accurate Estimations can however be provided to our clients, depending on each matter’s own merit. It is however advisable to discuss same with your Practitioner, in order to receive clarity on same.

For any further queries regarding the above, or to schedule a consultation, contact us!