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Criminal Law

We defend clients to the best of our ability during the darkest times of their life, by providing a professional service, defending them against any charge which they may face.

Insolvency Law

We offer a professional service to clients who are in need of advice regarding any form and manner of liquidation or sequestration, whether the nature of such is compulsory of voluntarily.


In the darkened times where you might find yourself in bewilderment as a result of the actions of a tenant, not paying rent or where you have an unwanted squatter on your property, we offer a distinguishing professional service

Debt Collection

We offer a proper debt collection service should the scenario exist where one’s cash flow problems arise as a result of debtors not paying their accounts or debts to a creditor.


Our firm offers the service of general litigation in Magistrates Court’s, Regional Courts as well as in High Courts all over South Africa.

Land Claims

In the event where a land claim has been lodged against your property, we provide a service to defend your rights as a landowner. We furthermore specialize in this particular field of law and strive to deliver promising results.

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